Hey, I'm Shelbs

I love dogs, rain, people watching (especially in airports), laughing too hard, and people. I am all about people, supporting them, hugging them, loving them, meeting them. I love people and the stories they have. I realize more and more that I am a listener rather than a talker. Heck yes I can keep a conversation going with you, but I am cool with being relaxed and soaking everything in.

This is why I love what I do. I love people and love love.

My job is to document your story and capture all the emotions for you. I go with the flow and love to feel the vibe of a situation. I’ll travel with you and be the cheerleader with you for the loud moments and the fly on the wall so capture the soft ones too.

I want to support you. If you're reading this - reach out, say hey, let's talk!


I'm booking 2020! I'd love to connect and hear your story!